Audiology services



Star Hospital now offers a fully equipped Audiology department:

•Comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests including;

o Pure Tone Audiometry


o Acoustic Reflex Threshold tests

oOto-acoustic Emissions tests

•Counselling and information for hearing loss

•Tinnitus Advice

•Vestibular assessments

•Hearing Aid fittings verified with Real Ear Measurements

oHearing aid evaluation

oHearing aid follow up care

oAssistive listening devices

•Hearing Aid repair service

oHearing accessories including batteries, tubes etc

•Cerumen Management

oRemoval of earwax

•Noise protection devices

•Swim plugs

•Paediatric Testing and fittings

•Newborn Hearing Screening





Off Jomo Kenyatta Road (B8)

Malindi, Kenya


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