Laboratory services



The newly built laboratory is part of a section of clinical and medical services that offers comprehensive diagnosis and analysis of specimen to clients. The laboratory staff is highly skilled and competent, selected through a rigorous staff recruitment process to evaluate individual competency and commitment to patient care.


A minor laboratory is located at the ground floor dedicated to specimen collection and simple and rapid tests. The main laboratory is located at the second floor equipped with more sophisticated equipment for the complex tests.


With 24 hour coverage, the laboratory offers dedicated medical and diagnostic services using fully automated, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and offers services that facilitate patient diagnosis and monitoring and evaluation of treatment progress.


Tests that are done include:


  • Haematology tests- includes full blood count, coagulation profile, sickling test, haemoglobin CD4/CD8)
  • Immunohaematology tests- includes blood grouping, screening & transfusion)
  • Clinical chemistry tests- includes liver function tests, kidney function, cardiac enzymes, lipid profile including cholesterol tri-glyceride and other lipids, glucose tolerance test for diabetes)
  • Immuno-chemistry tests- includes thyroid function test, hormonal profile, Hepatitis screening, direct antibody tests-H.Pylori, TPHA, Syphylis, salmonella antigen)
  • Microbiology tests- this includes microscopic examination, culture and sensitivity for bacterial diagnosis from various specimen including urine, stool, sputum and pus swab.




Off Jomo Kenyatta Road (B8)

Malindi, Kenya


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