Outpatient services

Star Hospital's Outpatient Center is located on the ground floor of the newly renovated and expanded building, bringing outpatient services into one convenient location 24/7. Services offered include:


- General consultations : The first step towards your treatment no matter how complex it may be. offering visits

with your preferred clinician, examinations, ECG, free routine BP and weight monitoring.


- Laboratory services : Serving both patients seen by our clinicians or with requests from outside the hospital or

even self requests.


- Imaging services : Routine xrays and ultrasounds, Dental xrays including OPG.


- Pharmacy : Our pharmacy serves only patients seen/treated by our clinicians, outside prescriptions not served.


- Dental services : Equipped with ultra modern equipment for the comfort of both doctor and patient.


- Audiology services : Newly opened and equipped department to cater for all hearing related issues.


- Day surgery : This caters for all minor surgeries that do not require admission. With a modern and fully equipped

outpatient theatre that can cater for even major surgeries should the need arise.


- Casualty and A&E : An accident and emergency department equipped with all necessary equipment including

defibrillators, ventilators, patient monitors, mobile xray and ultrasound. Our personnel are

continously trained in BLS, ATLS and ACLS to cater for all emergencies.

Our casualty department also caters for patients who require any infusion without admission.




Off Jomo Kenyatta Road (B8)

Malindi, Kenya


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