Star Hospital’s General and Laparoscopic Surgery Department provides conventional as well as laparoscopic surgical treatment for a wide spectrum of standard as well as complicated surgeries.


Today, because of the transformation of conventional surgeries to laparoscopic surgeries, the patients are benefited by lesser post-operative pain and faster recovery, thereby cutting down the post-operative stay in the hospital. State-of-the-art infection free operation theatres with superior laparoscopic surgical equipment are supported by anaesthesia work-stations (which administer and monitor anaesthesia gases to ensure minimal usage) for quicker patient recovery.


Star Hospital provides complete surgical healthcare solutions at a lower cost than other private hospitals. Attractive low-cost, all inclusive surgery packages are available only at Star Hospital. Our team ensures that every patient receives a superior treatment in a safe, convenient and timely manner at a very affordable cost that will surprise you!





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Malindi, Kenya


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